Best Hats for Travel & How to Pack Them

I love hats and wear them all year round, so when I travel, I always bring one with me. The hat I choose to take with me depends on the destination.

Medium Brim Hat

For fall or winter destinations, I always pack a wool felt hat. One of my favorites to travel with is the medium brim wool hat. It adds style to a plain outfit and looks great in photos. Sometimes I end up just wearing it on the flight instead of packing it in my suitcase. 

Medium Brim Hat from Sole Society

Medium Brim Hat from Sole Society


Wide Brim Hat

I love hats with wide brims, but they can be a bit tricky to pack. If I am traveling with a small carry-on suitcase, I usually take my medium brim hat. But when I am traveling with my larger suitcase I pack my wide brim hat. 

Wide Brim Felt Hat from Saks OFF 5th

Wide Brim Felt Hat from Saks OFF 5th


Straw Hat

For the spring or summer destinations, I pack my wide brim straw hat. I always take this hat to sunny climates because it protects both my face and neck.

Wide Brim Straw Hat from ASOS

Wide Brim Straw Hat from ASOS

Packing Your Hat

Many travelers choose hats that are easy to pack like the foldable tilly hat or a baseball cap. I'm not a huge fan of those types of hats and they usually aren't very stylish options. Medium and wide brim hats are just as functional and look great for those photo ops. With just a little more effort on the packing side, bringing that stylish hat is no problem! Here is a quick tutorial on how to pack your hat. 

Hat Packing Tip!

Remember to pack the heavier items at the bottom end of your suitcase so that when you are rolling it in an upright position they don’t push down and squish your hat. Packing heavier items at the top can possibly destroy your hat. 

Below are my favorite style hats that won't break your bank. 

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Do you have any tips or tricks on traveling with your favorite hat? Comment below and let us know!

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