5 Things You May Not Know About Your Passport

We've both had our passports before we could walk or talk and have never encountered any issues with them. Recently, a friend of ours was denied entry to her destination because her passport was going to expire. That's right, it wasn't expired, yet she wasn't allowed in the country. We had no idea that such rules existed in some countries. So we were curious to see if there were other rules out there that we weren't aware of.



#1 Your Passport's Expiration Date May Not Be Another Country's Expiration Date
Some countries have a three-month or six-month passport validity rule that requires your passport to be valid for a certain amount of time after your date of entry. Luckily, we've never encountered this problem, but could you imagine getting to your destination and being denied entry. Such a bummer right?!?!? A good rule of thumb is to go ahead and renew your passport a year before it expires. 

#2 You May Get Barred From Boarding if Your Passport Doesn't Have Enough Blank Pages
Some countries require that your passport have at least two or four blank visa/stamp pages left. So make sure to check the requirements of your specific destination. 

#3 Adding Additional Passport Pages Is No Longer Available
As of January 1, 2016, adding additional pages to your passport is no longer available. The standard passport comes with 28 pages and once it runs out you'll have to get a new one. The next time you have to renew your passport, opt for the 52 page passport at no additional cost. 

#4 If Your Appearance Has Changed, You'll Need a New Passport.
I read an article where it was advised to update your passport if you look different. Well, who wouldn't look slightly different year after year. And I'd rather spend $110 on an extra leg room upgrade than a new passport. So when is it necessary to actually renew your passport?  Agents are trained and know what type of facial characteristics to look for that never change. The only time you should consider reapplying for a new passport is if you've undergone significant facial surgery, a gender change, or if you've lost or gained a significant amount of weight. 

#5 Some Country Stamps May Deny You Entry Into the Middle East
If you are planning a Middle Eastern trip, make sure you are aware of the restrictions other countries may have when visiting. If you have visited Israel, it can preclude you from entering certain countries in the Middle East, such as Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. Even though a piece of paper outside your passport is stamped, any sign that you have been in Israel will prevent you from entering certain Arab nations.


Have one that we didn't mention? Comment below and let us know!