The Most Stylish Anti-Theft Travel Backpack for Women

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Last year when I was shopping at a local mom-and-pop travel store, I purchased my first anti-theft backpack. Pacsafe designs fashionable travel backpacks and my first Pacsafe backpack has been great for my travels. Furthermore, the anti-theft features have really put my mind at ease.

I loved my anti-theft backpack so much that I wanted another one but in a different style. The one I had was sporty and I wanted a backpack that was a bit more chic and feminine. Pacsafe had just the collection I was looking for, the Citysafe CX line. 

Crystal and I took the Citysafe CX Anti-theft Backpack and the Citysafe CX Anti-theft Convertible Backpack on our recent trip to Japan and they were just what we needed for our travels and exploring Tokyo. Here are our top 7 reasons why we love our sleek and city chic backpacks:

1. Anti-Theft Features

Just like the Pacsafe Slingsafe LX300 Anti-Theft Backpack, the Citysafe CX does not fall short on its discreet security features. The bags are equipped with RFID safe pockets, slashgauards, secured zip tabs, and TurnNLock security hooks. We think the new Roobar Style locking system is genius. It locks down zippers at one security point to ensure protection against pickpocketing. 

 TurnNLock security hooks

TurnNLock security hooks

 Roobar Style locking system

Roobar Style locking system

2. Feminine Design

We often find ourselves having little to no options when it comes to feminine backpacks. Backpacks are typically sporty and it doesn't quite match business attire or outfits that are casual chic. With the Citysafe CX line, you can be out with a backpack that is both functional and matches your wardrobe . 

 Wearing the  Citysafe CX anti-theft convertible backpack  As A Crossbody Purse

Wearing the Citysafe CX anti-theft convertible backpack As A Crossbody Purse

3. Pink Interior Lining

We find it difficult to locate things when the interior is all-black, so we are in love with the pink interior lining. It truly makes a difference when the interior is a brighter color. It has been much easier to locate things, which is awesome for those times you are in a rush.

  Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack  Features a Pink Lining, RFID Safe Pocket, and A Laptop Sleeve

Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack Features a Pink Lining, RFID Safe Pocket, and A Laptop Sleeve

4. Side Pockets

This is one of our favorite features. It's so nice to have a pocket on the exterior of a backpack to hold a drink or travel umbrella. It's a pain to have to constantly unzip a bag to take out a drink and we don't like having to worry about a possible bottle leakage inside the bag. 

  Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack  With Convenient Exterior Side Pockets

Citysafe CX anti-theft backpack With Convenient Exterior Side Pockets

5. Versatility

The Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack's innovative design can be worn as a backpack or converted into a crossbody purse. We love how it can transition easily from day to evening and converting the bag is super simple. It only requires a little rearranging of the straps. Having two designs in one bag means you don't have to pack multiple bags, which is awesome for travelers who want to save room in their luggage.

6. Organization Compartments

Having compartments definitely makes finding things in your backpack a whole lot easier. We also love that both backpacks have a laptop sleeve and a RFID safe compartment. The Citysafe CX Anti-theft Backpack is larger than the convertible one, so there are additional pockets and different organizational features.

7. Suitcase Handle Sleeve

The suitcase handle sleeve is awesome when you are traveling for long periods of time and want to give your shoulders and back a break. Having a bag with a dedicated handle sleeve is so much better than trying to figure out a way to wrap your backpack around your suitcase. I've tried this approach and it always fails.


We are very pleased with the new feminine designs and the security features are a huge plus. Both of the Citysafe CX Backpacks have anti-theft features, but the size and attributes vary between the two. Depending on your needs and style, you may prefer one over the other, but you can definitely count on both bags securing your belongings and looking chic in the city. 

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Stylish and Antitheft Backpack for Women by Pacsafe
Stylish and Antitheft Backpack for Women by Pacsafe
Stylish and Antitheft Backpack for Women by Pacsafe