Women's Travel Backpack Review - Pacsafe Anti-Theft CitySafe CX Mini

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We are huge fans of Pacsafe’s Women’s Anti-theft Backpacks and travel everywhere with our CitySafe CX backpacks. There are several reasons why we love this bag and Pacsafe recently launched a mini version of this bag. Since we already love the original size, we wanted to compare the mini size to the larger one and give you some pros and cons to help you decide which bag best suits you.

CitySafe CX Backpack Mini - Pros

Latest Anti-theft Technology

Just like the original CitySafe CX backpack, the CitySafe CX Mini does not fall short on anti-theft technology. The loads of anti-theft features give us that much needed peace-of-mind when we can’t see what is going on behind us. You’ll be surprised how much anti-theft technology this backpack is equipped with:

TurnNLock Security Hooks

The shoulder strap has a releasable security hook at one end that allows you to attach the strap to a table, chair, or anything else you may want to attach it to. This stops thieves from easily walking away with your bag and outsmarts those bag snatchers!

TurnNLock Security Hooks

TurnNLock Security Hooks

eXomesh Slashguards

We haven't heard of anyone ever getting their bags slashed, but it's nice to have a bag that is capable of handling this type of situation, right? The fabric of this backpack has a built-in stainless wire with mesh panels which prevents contents from falling out of the bag if it were cut by a thief. The bag’s strap is also protected with slashguards.


So you may be wondering what the heck RFID stands for. Don't worry, I had no idea and had to google it myself. It stands for Radio Frequency Identification. Apparently, RFID readers can easily be bought online by absolutely anyone (and they aren't expensive). Thieves use this hand-held reader to steal information that is stored on anything that has a microchip, like your credit cards and passports. Thanks to this RFID safe pocket inside the backpack, the unique material blocks transmissions and stops RFID readers from stealing your personal information.



Roobar Locking System

We think this Roobar Style locking system is genius. It locks down zippers at one security point to ensure protection against pickpocketing. Unless you know how this system works, it would be pretty hard to get into the bag. Even if thieves knew how it worked, they would be struggling for a bit so most likely they won’t even bother.

Roobar Locking System

Roobar Locking System

Compact Size

The volume of the mini CitySafe CX is 11L compared to the original which is 17L. You are definitely slimming down your bag, but not its functionality. The petite style is a great option if you don’t need to carry around a ton of stuff with you. The feminine design of the backpack also helps you coordinate it with your less sporty outfits.

CitySafe CX Backpack Mini - Cons

We really don’t like using the term “con” but there are a couple of features on the original CitySafe CX Backpack that is not featured on the mini backpack.

No Exterior Side Pockets

Not a deal breaker, but we really love these exterior pockets and wish they were a feature on the mini backpack as well. It's so nice to have a pocket on the exterior of a backpack to hold a drink or travel umbrella. It's a pain to have to constantly unzip a bag to take out a drink and we don't like having to worry about a possible bottle leakage inside the bag.

No Exterior Trolley Sleeve

This exterior trolly sleeve is a must for us when we travel. We carry heavy camera gear and it starts to take a toll on our back and shoulders. Having a bag with a dedicated trolley sleeve is much better than trying to figure out a way to wrap a backpack without one around a suitcase. We’ve tried this approach and it always ends up being a struggle and ultimately fails.

So Which Bag Should I Get?

We think it really depends on what your needs are. When we are traveling, we definitely need the exterior trolley sleeve and would prefer to have the exterior side pockets. If we want a backpack for sightseeing, shopping, or exploring we prefer the mini backpack as it’s not necessary to have the trolley sleeve. The petite size is also better if you don’t need to carry a bunch of stuff with you. In the end, they are both great backpacks so you really can’t go wrong when it comes to selecting an anti-theft backpack.

Wait, There’s More!

If you aren’t necessarily looking for a backpack and want a purse with anti-theft features, Pacsafe has a variety of styles from crossbody purses to convertible backpacks. Here are two of our favorites:

CitySafe CX Anti-theft Square Crossbody Bag

This simple yet sleek design is great if you need an adjustable crossbody purse with anti-theft features. The gold trim on the black is classy and perfect for both travel or as an everyday purse. It can be a casual accessory or be elegant enough to use for evenings. Since the strap is adjustable, you could try wearing it as a waist pack. They come in five different colors, but we tend to stick to black as it’s easier to match it with a variety of outfits.

Citysafe CX Convertible Backpack/Crossbody Bag

The Citysafe CX Anti-Theft Convertible Backpack's innovative design can be worn as a backpack or converted into a crossbody purse. We love how it can transition easily from day to evening and converting the bag is super simple. It only requires a little rearranging of the straps. Having two designs in one bag means you don't have to pack multiple bags, which is awesome for travelers who want to save room in their luggage.

If you are still contemplating which bag is right for you, check out some of our other posts for more details. PacSafe also designs clothing if you are in the market for anti-theft garments.

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#Pacsafe Women #Antitheft Travel #Backpack
#Pacsafe Women #Antitheft Travel #Backpack
#Pacsafe Women #Antitheft Travel #Backpack