My Travel Purse Obsession: The COACH Saddle Bag

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When I start packing for my trips, I always take my AWAY suitcase and Jo Totes camera backpack.  Lately, I also carry a purse with me and the Coach Saddle Bag is the perfect fit. 

Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag

I wish I could just throw everything into my camera backpack, but I know that's not going to happen. When I'm traveling, I always need an extra bag to carry my small items like my phone, wallet, chap stick, Advil, hand wipes, and other miscellaneous things I just can't leave at home. The Coach Saddle Bag is awesome for my travels because it is functional, fashionable, and comfortable to wear. Here are some other reasons why I love this purse so much:  

Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag
Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag


Not only is leather durable, but it looks even better as it ages. I like a good sturdy bag because all those little necessities I carry with me get a little heavy, so I don't want a bag where I'm worried that the material will wear quickly. 


Being hands-free is a huge plus for me especially when traveling. I am constantly taking pictures, so I rarely pack a purse with handles. I especially like this saddle bag because the straps are adjustable. 

Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag
Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag


I chose this beautiful navy blue color because it already matches a lot of the clothes I currently have in my wardrobe. I'm also a bit clumsy, so the chances of a smudge or stain is definitely possible. Therefore, having a darker toned bag can hide all those mishaps. 

4 | SIZE

This saddle bag is just the right size. Not too big, yet not too small. I like to carry my small Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera (yes, on top of all of my other cameras I need this one too!) and this bag gives me just enough room for that and my other items.


The simplicity and luxurious elegance of this bag makes it timeless. I can see myself carrying this bag for years and perhaps even passing it down to someone special. 

Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag
Coach Saddle Crossbody Bag

What's your favorite travel purse? Let us know in the comments below!

xo, Candy

Special thanks to Ryan Sebastyan for taking these beautiful photos.  

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