Florida Summer Style x TOBI

Summer is here! If you've ever been to Florida, then you know that the summers here are hot and very humid. This month, we hopped around some of our favorite areas in the Tampa Bay area and wanted to share the perfect outfits we wore from Tobi.


Lately, we have been all about wide leg pants. Especially the high-waisted ones because they make your legs look super long. These pants are comfy, chic, and there is room for air to flow through so that your legs can breathe. Great casual wear for exploring Dunedin. Tip: Wear a crop top when wearing high-waisted wide leg pants. It will help give you some shape since the bottoms are so wide. 

Cropped Tops & Wide Leg Pants
Tobi Clothes
White Crop Top & iPhone Case Bandolier


Beaches! If you're in Florida, it's probably on your list of places to visit. When we go to the beaches here, we just wear our bathing suits and throw on a cover-up. We don't even bother packing extra clothes unless we have plans to go to a fancy restaurant afterward. Tip: Dress up your outfit with a hat and some accessories. 

Beach Coverups
Tobi Coverups www.thetravelpockets.com


We love wearing dresses when we want to dress up, but we decided to try something new. We both wore a jumpsuit for our night out in Vinoy Park. We selected solid colors since it was easier to style for us as newbies to jumpsuits. Tip : Black jumpsuits are always a slimming choice and very chic. 

Culotte Jumpsuit
Black Jumpsuit

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A special thanks to Ryan Sebastyan for taking these amazing photos.