Skyroam - The Perfect Personal WiFi Hotspot for Your Travels

This is a sponsored post, but as always, all opinions are 100% our own.

We booked a trip at an amazing resort in Costa Rica and felt that having a personal wifi hotspot would be perfect for this trip. We've been hearing about the Skyroam hotspot from other travel bloggers, so thought we would give it a try. We usually rent a wifi hotspot in the country we’re visiting, but we didn’t want to waste any time picking it up as we had a 4-hour drive to our resort from the airport. We made the best decision having this handy device with us.


When we arrived in Costa Rica, we didn’t expect to be waiting at customs for nearly 2 hours and also take another 30 minutes to get the rental car, so good thing we already had Skyroam with us and not have to worry about looking for a portable wifi rental location. While we were waiting in lines, we set up our Skyroam and input our driving directions to the resort on our phones. We connected 3 devices (Skyroam can connect up to 5 devices) and everything was a breeze.


The drive to our resort from the airport took a little over 4 hours and Skyroam worked perfectly to help us navigate the country. It was also helpful to have wifi in the car as we looked up exchange rates for the toll booths.

Our resort, Rancho Pacifico, was located way up in the mountains and it was very remote. They offered free wifi, but more often than not, the wifi signal was very weak or not working at all. For the majority of our stay, we used our Skyroam hotspot and it always worked with fast service.


It was especially helpful connecting to the Skyroam at the airports as well. Many airports offer free wifi, but the service is slow or is hard to connect to. Even the complimentary Boingo wifi service that I have with one of my credit cards didn’t work too well. Again, Skyroam saved the day with easy connection and fast service!


Skyroam works in over 100 countries including Japan, Indonesia, Europe and more. We’re very happy with how well the hotspot worked as we have a trip to Bali coming up soon and will be using it there as well.

If you don’t travel too often, but still want portable wifi with you, you’re in luck because you can also rent Skyroam with easy delivery and return.


So, to sum it up, we think it’s totally worth getting Skyroam because it’s portable, convenient, fast, and reliable. We’re so glad we had Skyroam with us and will continue using it on all of our international trips!

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