My Hotel Room Exercise Routine When I'm Traveling

When I start packing my suitcase, one of the things I think about is whether or not to pack my gym gear. Ideally, I don't want to skip out on my gym routine, but the gym tends to get ignored when I am traveling. One reason could be that the hotel I am staying at does not have a gym or the hotel charges a fee for using their gym facilities. I'm already paying a gym membership at home, so I really don't feel like paying a fee to borrow one for the day.


To help make me feel better about not making it to the gym, I do some simple exercises that can easily be done in my hotel room. With these exercises, I don't need any equipment and simply a little bit of space. 

1. GLUTES - Donkey Kicks

I always try to incorporate an exercise for my glutes. This is one area I constantly try to maintain or improve. If I can't find a yoga mat in my hotel, I use a towel as my mat instead. 

Begin to lift your leg, knee staying bent, foot staying flat, and hinging at the hip. Use your glute to press your foot directly toward the ceiling and squeeze at the top. Ensure that your back isn't sagging.

2. LEGS - Stationary Lunges & Calf Raises

I never miss out on my lower body exercises. I'm quite guilty of focusing more on my legs than my upper body. Doing lunges or calf raises don't require a ton of space, so if my hotel room has the clearance I'll fit them in. For calf raises I do three different types: regular, inner, and outer. 

Stationary Lunge-Stand tall with your feet hip-distance apart then take a large step forward with one foot. Then lower the back knee to a 90-degree angle so both knees are bent then press up to start position and repeat. Calf Raises-Stand straight, with your tailbone tucked in. Lift your heels until you're standing on your tippy toes and try to hold for at least two seconds.

3. ABS - Oblique Twists

Having that flat tummy is hard to maintain and isn't easy to achieve. I try to eat healthy for the most part (I have cheat days) and incorporate cardio into my exercise routines. When I'm traveling, all the walking is my cardio, so in my hotel room I do sit-ups or oblique twists. If I want a bit of a challenge, I'll hold something like a book for some added weight. I am always able to find a book (usually a bible) inside one the hotel's night stands. 

Sit on the floor (or bed) and lean back slightly with your upper body and elevate your legs off the floor. Rotate from side to side and touch your fists on the floor on either side.


These are my three go-to routines, but there are plenty more that can be achieved in your hotel room without having to go to the gym. I am no expert, but I do believe in spending a little bit of time exercising each day (even just 10 minutes) is better than doing nothing at all. 

* Before beginning any exercise make sure to be in good physical condition. If you engage in these exercises, you agree that you do so at your own risk.