10 Essentials to Pack for Your Iceland Road Trip

Getting ready for your road trip to Iceland? Here's some essentials that will be helpful for your adventure!

1 | Collapsible Cooler
Eating out is expensive in Iceland. To save on food costs, take a collapsible cooler with you and stock up on groceries at one of Iceland's supermarkets like Bonus.


2 | Heavy Coat
A nice, warm winter coat is essential in Iceland; especially if you're going to be out for hours at night watching the Northern Lights. This coat from Land's End was perfect for Iceland in April.



3 | Snow Boots
I initially thought snow boots were overkill for April in Iceland, but I'm so glad I brought them! They were very useful in certain locations because there was still snow and muddy spots near waterfalls.


4 | Portable Speakers
Once you get to the remote areas of Iceland, you don't have many choices on the radio other than Icelandic radio talk. We used this awesome bluetooth portable speaker in the car and it was perfect!



5 | Hats and Gloves
You don't need all these hats, but I wanted a variety :) Double stacking gloves is something to consider. The iGotTech gloves worked out great for using touchscreen devices, but the cold weather cuts right through them after awhile.


6 | Layers
Uniqlo has great innerwear and uses special fabric that retains heat.



7 | USB car charger
This really came in handy to charge our smartphones and the portable wifi.


8 | Meds
There are no drug stores or OTC medication once you are in the remote areas of Iceland. I caught a little cold in Iceland and thank goodness I had some OTC meds with me.


9 | Iceland Map
Not all the maps are correct in Google Maps, so if you get a little lost, it would be good to have an Iceland map as a backup.



10 | Bathing suit
There's always a hot spring somewhere in Iceland. Don't forget that bathing suit!

Hope these tips help you out on your epic adventure!