10 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel to Iceland

I have expressed how much I love Iceland to the point where I'm kind of obsessed with the country. It's just such an amazing location with dramatic landscapes everywhere you turn. Here are my top 10 favorite photos I took in Iceland that I hope will inspire others to travel to this beautiful country. 

1 | Kirkjufell
The most photographed mountain in Iceland with it’s iconic triple waterfalls. 

Kirkjufell Iceland www.thetravelpockets.com

2 | Hellnar
My favorite place in Iceland. The waves are so powerful hitting the rocks that it was nothing like I’ve ever seen before. i was so mesmerized by it that I could have stayed here for hours looking out into the ocean.

Hellnar Iceland www.thetravelpockets.com

3 | Myvatn
Such a peaceful city with serene landscapes. The sunrises and sunsets were just magnificent! 

Myvatn Iceland www.thetravelpockets.com

4 | Svartifoss 
Getting to Svartifoss (meaning Black Falls) was not my favorite hike, but the end result was a beautiful site with the dark lava columns.


5 | Pingvellir (or Thingvellir)
A national park not to be missed for it's geological importance. It's right in the middle of the tectonic plate rift between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates. 


6 | Empty Roads
I loved coming up on empty roads in Iceland, which pretty much occurred most of our road trip. 

Iceland Empty Road

7 | Icelandic Horses
Of course I have to include these beautiful Icelandic horses. They're just so magical.

8 | Northern Lights
My first time seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland TWICE! Such a beautiful natural phenomenon. 

9 | Bjarnarhöfn
This was a very little town near Kirkjufell. Later found out that 'The Secret Life of Walter Mitty' had this very same shed in their film.

10 | Solheimasandur Plane Crash
I have been wanting to see this site for years and when I finally made it, it was everything I’d imagine it would be. I love abandoned sites and it’s incredible that this plane has been left on the beach since the 1970s.

Iceland Solheimasandur www.thetravelpockets.com

xo, Crystal