Favorite Travel Item: Bandolier iPhone Accessory

The Bandolier has been our favorite travel item for about a year now and everywhere we go, we get stopped by a stranger at least once a week asking about our nifty iPhone accessory. This thing is genius and we wish we would have thought of this idea ourselves!

The Bandolier is a case and purse for your iPhone or an "iPhurse" as one of our friends likes to call it. It’s designed with a hard plastic leather case that attaches to a removable leather strap. It has two slots in the back where you can store a couple cards and a new snapback case that conceals your contents.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why we love the Bandolier:

#1 It’s Convenient
The Bandolier is very useful when you need your hands free or don’t have pockets. On most of our trips, we like to take several cameras with us, but also want to take a picture with our phones. With the Bandolier, we can leave the phone hanging while we use our other devices. Plus, a lot of our outfits do not have pockets, so it’s extra convenient to have this strap.

#2 It’s Versatile
It comes with many different styles of leather cases and you can even change out the straps the case hooks on to. So maybe one day, you're feeling gold chain and the next, you're feeling white strap. We love that the Bandolier can go with any outfit whether you are dressed up or down.


#3 It's Fashion Forward
As mentioned earlier, we get asked at least once a week about the Bandolier. It happens at the airport, public restrooms, the office, restaurants, grocery stores... you name it. We almost feel like we're paid models for this product.

#4 We Never Lose Our Phone
Gone are the days where we are looking relentlessly for our phones in our gigantic purses. This wearable technology is latched on to you, so it's always with you. Ever since we got the Bandolier, we have never lost our phones or went on a rampage looking for it.


#5 We Can Easily Take Pictures
The iPhone has a slick design, but it also slips out of your hands easily. We are constantly dropping things and have dropped the iPhone several times trying to take a picture. Now, with the strap around our body, we no longer have to worry about dropping the phone and can safely take pictures.

On your way to buy this perfect accessory? Make sure to search eBay and Poshmark if the style you are looking for is sold out.