Anatomie: Performance Travel Clothing That Puts You in First Class

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Crystal and I have always been frequent travelers and throughout the years we have narrowed down what we like in our travel attire. We try to find clothing that is functional for both travel and our everyday lifestyle. We aren't full-time travelers so when we aren't hopping on-and-off flights we are working our day jobs, running errands, hiking, and all the other normal activities most of us do.

We were recently introduced to an amazing line of functional lightweight travel attire and this luxurious line wasn't the typical travel wear we were used to wearing. The attention to detail and the functional designs really drew us in when we began exploring their website.

We were immediately impressed by the online shopping experience, but of course, the clothing is what really matters, right? We put in our order and when our shipment arrived, we could not have been happier with our new outfits. Here are our top 5 reasons why we are now huge fans of Anatomie: 

1. Figure Flattering Designs and Fabrics

We were blown away by the fit of Anatomie's pants and leggings. The fit was 100% perfect like it was tailored just for our specific body type. I ordered the Andrea Contrast-Panel Legging  and Crystal got the Luisa Pant. The fabric in these pants are Anatomie's signature stretch fabric that was developed in France and it's superb.

The Andrea Contrast-Panel Legging hugged my body in all the right places and has an amazing slimming effect. The two-tone legging is subtle but it adds that hint of chic that sets it apart from the average legging. If you want a pair of pants that gives you legs for days and makes your derriere look awesome, we recommend the Luisa Pant. Crystal wears her Luisa Pant ALL the time now. She wears it to work, on long flights, dinner events, and pretty much anywhere besides the pool.

2. Lightweight, Flexible, Wrinkle-Free, & Quick-Dry

That's a ton of performance in a garment, which means you are definitely getting your money's worth. These are all essential functions we look for in our travel wardrobe. Lightweight means we can carry multiple pieces without overwhelming our luggage load. Flexibility means we aren't constricted with our movements. We aren't acrobats, but stretchy fabric makes it exceptionally comfortable. Wrinkle-free means we can sit in it for hours and not look like a mess after a long flight. Quick-dry means it's especially great for the hot summer temperatures or if you accidentally spill something on them. The majority of their fabrics dry within 20 minutes! That's a huge plus for the backpacking traveler.

3. Timeless Chic Designs

The designers of Anatomie pull inspiration from fashion-forward European styles, which makes them timeless global designs. Timeless clothing is a huge factor for us especially when we are thinking of costs. 

Their pieces may be a bit above your average budget for travel attire, but if you wear it for years to come it will actually cost you less. How often do you wear the same clothes for years? Most of us, end up buying more clothes because the ones we have are average and aren't special or unique enough to wear for years. Add up all the average clothes you buy and it is more than what you'll be spending on that one quality item you will wear endlessly. 

4. Incredible Comfort

One of our favorite pieces is the Cila Cropped Leather Jacket. The leather is soft and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around the city or to pack for our travels. Their pants and leggings are made of soft, stretchy material which make them optimal for those long flights. We love how Anatomie's designs are sophisticated and incredibly comfortable.

5. Extremely Versatile

We love clothing that can easily be dressed up or down or mixed and matched. The Baily Mesh Jacket is modern yet has an edgy sporty-chic feel to it. I can dress it up on some days and on other days wear it to the gym over my sports bra. I also wear the Trina Racerback Tank to the gym, hiking, shopping, and on my travels. The built-in shelf bra in this top is a huge plus for me, since bras on long flights start to irritate me and are uncomfortable. 

Don't be surprised if you see us wearing our new travel outfits in future posts. We tested and packed both our outfits into one of Anatomie's small packing cubes and it weighed less than five pounds! Their packing cubes are designed to hold three pairs of pants, two tops, and two jackets. This is a huge plus as airlines, like United, only allow one small personal carry-on item for basic economy seats. It's only a matter of time before other airlines follow this new carry-on policy.

Anatomie has proved that you don't have to compromise comfort over style. They have created an amazing travel wardrobe and we are incredibly happy with the comfort, performance, and sophistication that Anatomie has designed.
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