10 Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Is everyone ready for Black Friday deals!? We're never ready for the crazy shopping in stores, but we love online shopping! Here are some great gift ideas for those travel lovers out there:


1 | Mini Travel Swivel Charger with Dual USB Ports

Hotels are getting better about providing more outlets, but more often than not, you're always looking for more outlets to charge all your devices. We have our laptop, phone, tablet, camera... you name it. There's so much to charge. This charger comes with 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, which have come in handy numerous times while traveling.



2 | AWAY Suitcase

We use these carry-on suitcases wherever we go. Sleek design, integrated charger, optimal luggage space and Kuma corgi approved. Need we say more? Read our review HERE. Get $20 off your first order HERE.



3 | Portable Charger

Portable chargers are lifesavers for a frequent traveler. Now that we're always recording video for Instagram Stories or Snapchat, our battery life goes by uber fast. USB chargers to the rescue!


4 | Betabrand Red-Eye Wrap

We absolutely love this versatile red-eye wrap. Not only does Crystal wear it when she's traveling, but she wears it on a regular basis. It's just so comfy! Read our review HERE. Get $15 off your first order HERE.

Betabrand www.thetravelpockets.com

5 | Packing Cubes

We used to think packing cubes were ridiculous, but it really does help you organize all your things in your suitcase. No more scrambling around and looking for those socks. Everything is neatly stacked in these cubes and easily accessible.


6 | JoTotes Siena Leather Camera Bag

We love JoTotes products because they make great camera bags designed for women. Read our review HERE.


7 | Travel Neck Pillow

This is an essential when traveling. The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow features memory foam specially designed to support your neck and chin. Bonus that you can wash the cover to wash out those yucky germs from the plane when you get back home.


8 | Bandolier

Everywhere we go, we get asked about our Bandolier. It's an essential in our daily life and especially for traveling. No more worrying about dropping our phone while we take a selfie because it's attached to us. Plus, we can conveniently store our credit cards and identification card in the back pouch. Read our review HERE.


9 | Charger Cord Bracelet

This is the ultimate fashion meets travel technology. This fashionable bracelet turns into a phone charger and is the perfect stocking stuffer!


10 | Heat-Resistant Curling Iron Case

We have used this case for years and it's one of our top essential travel items. We used to have to wait for our curling iron to cool down before we could pack it into our suitcase, but with this heat-resistant case, you can pack it right away after you're done doing your hair. 


xo, Crystal