Away Suitcase: This is the Carry-on Suitcase You Want!

We have fallen in love with our new carry-on suitcase from AWAY. We were in need of a new suitcase and heard about this new, high-tech travel gear through social media and knew we had to get one for ourselves. Here’s some reasons why we love this carry-on so much:

1 | Integrated Charger


Yup, that’s right. This suitcase has it’s own charger located right under the handle. No more looking for outlets at the airport to charge your phone or smart tablet. You can just conveniently plug your device in right into your suitcase. It can charge a device up to five times on one charge.

2 | Lightweight

Away Suitcase

The suitcase's body is made from ultra-strong, lightweight Makrolon Polycarbonate. It’s proportioned to the maximum size allowed by all major airlines and fits perfectly in the overhead bins on the plane. The entire bag weighs only 7.2 lbs. Compared to our old carry-on suitcase, it’s at least ten pounds lighter.

3 | Smart Luggage Space

Away Suitcase

The interior is fitted with a compression divider to help users fit more items inside and the mesh compartments keep things organized. We packed so much into this little thing that we were impressed that it fit everything! On my last trip, I packed a tripod, sneakers, sandals, makeup bag, jewelry bag, gym clothes, 3 summer dresses, 5 shirts, pants, undergarments, toiletries, camera batteries and a bunch of little accessories. If I would have packed all this into my old carry-on suitcase, it would have been very bulky and crossed the line of being a carry-on suitcase. The new Away suitcase keeps everything compact.

4 | Fancy Wheels

Away Suitcase

The designers of the suitcase wanted to make sure the traveler would have the best mobility when traveling and installed the sturdy Japanese Hinomoto 360-degree spinner wheels. This thing glides so smoothly right by you. I love that it’s 360 too because it makes a huge difference in convenience compared to standard wheels.

5 | Separate Laundry Bag

Away Suitcase

A removable, washable laundry bag is hidden on the side of the suitcase and is very convenient to have to separate your dirty clothes from the clean. I often forget to add plastic shopping bags in my luggage and hate having my dirty clothes mixed in with the clean clothes. Now, I don’t ever have to worry about that!

6 | Modern Design

Away Suitcase

Designed by Box Clever, everything on this suitcase is top-notch. They really thought about the functionality and the details. It comes with premium interior mesh, YKK zippers (highest quality zippers in the market), 360° Hinomoto double-wheel spinners, a built-in TSA-approved combination lock and a leather luggage tag. We love traveling in style.

Away Suitcase


You can order the Away carry-on online for $225. Use this referral link to get $20 off your first suitcase. They come in an array of colors and also have limited edition collaborations from time to time. 

If you’re looking for more luggage space, they have a medium and large size as well.

P.S. We are not sponsored by AWAY. We just really love their suitcases!!

Happy Travels!

Photos by Ryan Sebastyan.