How To Avoid The Worst Seat On Your Next Flight

I recently booked a last minute flight to Florida and to my surprise an exit seat was available. It crossed my mind that it was unusual that it wasn't already taken, but I figured I was just  super lucky! Oh, how I was so wrong. I made the mistake of not double checking with Seat Guru . 

If I had checked Seat Guru about my exit seat, I would have been informed that it was an exit seat but not your typical exit seat. It didn't have the leg room like most exit seats and on top of that the seat had limited reclining. My exit seat was one of the worst seats on the flight! 

So what is Seat Guru? It's an amazing site that tells you every detail about the seats of your particular aircraft. You input your flight information and it takes you to a seat map of your aircraft. It looks similar to the seat map that you view online when you select your seats, but this one is much better. How so? 

The seat map is color coordinated so that you can see immediately what the worst seats are. When you hover over a seat, it will show you a detailed description with the pros and cons. And there are actual user reviews! 

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The next time you book your flight, check Seat Guru to avoid getting stuck with the worst seat.